Friday, 26 September 2008

Labour, oh Labour, how bad it is how bad

Having watched Labour's Glenrothes candidate Lindsay Roy on Politics Now, let me just say that I was right - Labour should have had Helen Eadie as a candidate. Not for Helen the tame shooting of Labour's wounded Prime Minister who Mr Roy said should have called the election a year ago, shouldn't have punished the poor with extra tax, and should get his finger out and get on the stump in Glenrothes.

Helen would have inspired us all - only Helen can save Labour now. There's still time to change your candidate you Labour types. Have courage, march on Kirkcaldy and demand a change!

Anyway, Gordon Brown and the reason I know he's playing the end-game - even when he's got through his conference fairly well and come out the other end still sailing, no-one is talking about what his policies are or where he's taking his party, the best anyone is saying about Broon is that he's survived for now. It's not if, just when.

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