Monday 3 November 2008

Do as I say ...

Reading the Grauniad (as ye do), I was struck by a couple of stories. Let's fling them up in the air and see how they fly:

First, there's the tale about the people who face a complete ban on spending money - even the spare change in their pockets - because they are suspected of being involved in financing

terrorism - no conviction needed, you'll notice. There's a wee health warning - Orders in Council refers to decisions of the Privy Council.

Then there's the tale about Gordon Brown meeting former members of a terrorist organisation at a deradicalisation centre. At least those guys know what they were accused of.

Of course, Brown and his henchmen's heavy-handed oafishness has already branded Iceland a rogue state using secondary legislation - something which didn't go down too well amongst the average, ordinary, everyday terrorists in the streets of Reykjavik. They believe that Brown sacrificed Iceland's banks for the sake of his own political game. Surely not?

Libya's fine though (Brown later withdrew the invitation when it turned out that he had misjudged oil prices). Iran might be our pal - or might not, depending on the time of day. Syria's on our side - except if we're supporting the USA position.

The fight to cut off terrorist cash is very serious, of course. Responsibility for financial sanctions transferred to the Treasury on the 24th of October 2007. There's a fascinating list of those who have had their assets frozen.

As well as the fight against terror is the begging of wealth (no-one should mention cash for peerages at this point). For some reason, Brown thinks that oil producing countries should be rather well off these days (other than Scotland, of course, he still thinks we can't survive, we've only got 80% or so of Europe's oil, after all).

Satire is alive and well in Gordon Brown's hands.

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