Sunday 16 November 2008

Lazy journalism?

There has been some criticism of Robert Peston recently. Let me add to it.

His recent blogpost on HBoS illustrates rather well my complaint. He repeats some of the text from the HBoS circular, the rather bizarre warning of nationalisation if the deal doesn't go through (funny how no-one is asking how that differs from the position about to be entered into with Lloyds TSB) acting like a reporter rather than a journalist, then he speculates rather idly about Mathewson and Burt and their campaign to save the bank.

Peston appears more willing to indulge in tittle-tattle, apparent leaks from the Treasury, and the repetition of rumour than in serious journalism. Why, for example, no examination of the Hornby deal with Lloyds TSB (£60,000 a month consultancy if the deal goes through); or the strange clauses in the implementation agreement; Blank's long-term predation on HBoS; the strange behaviour of the Treasury (which is even stranger considering the opinions of the Chief Executive of the FSA and of the OFT)?

It's not exactly Woodward and Bernstein territory that's needed, nothing earth-shaking, just a decent attempt at journalism would do.


BSH said...

Journalism? In the UK? Don't get your hopes up!

And they wonder why people DON'T want to pay TV licences and Newspaper sales are non-existant.

Peston is one of the worst. Completely in cahoots with those in power. His job is merely to prop up a failing regime.

Calum Cashley said...

We can still hope, surely? We don't yet inhabit the Divine Comedy - not yet!