Sunday 17 May 2009

Rami's record

Just a wee thought, Rami Okasha is awfy bad for losing votes. He's stood twice - Banff and Buchan in 2005 and Aberdeen South in 2007.

In 2005 he came fourth - not surprisingly - and he managed to lose a couple of percentage points from Labour's vote.

In 2007 he came third - and managed to lose most of a percentage point.

If I may borrow a phrase - bring it on!


denver the last dinosaur said...

You may also be interested and amused to learn that Okasha was narrowly pipped to the post of NUS President at UK level by a single vote.

This is all the more amusing when you learn that two delegates from Aberdeen, Okasha's alma mater, didn't bother to turn up to back him.

Clearly a popular chap...

Anonymous said...

Apart from a couple of percentage points - whats your point?

Bring what on?

Cindy (I'm new to this)

Anonymous said...

Ive just come on the this site to see what my OLD friend Rami was up to.It might be intersting to note that yes he did lose out as president of nus uk and was piped to the post by one vote but he knows a lot about small majorities as he only won nus scotlands depute post by two vote which were in question,rummors about bought votes were flying around the conference.Rami stated at that conference that he was an independent with no political ties,but lo and behold he came out at national conference as a labour student.Rami lost a lot of support from Scottish student as when he was president of NUS Scotland he spent a lot of time in England drumming up support for his attempt to become NUS president.Im proud to say that I helped Kat Fletcher become President of NUS over Rami.With Kat we go an honest President not some one who would only tow a party line .

Anonymous said...

Ah I thought I knew the name Rami Okasha from somwhere. Looks like things still aren't going great for him