Sunday 10 May 2009

A song for Gordon

The Broon stood on the burning bridge, his lips were all aquiver
He gave a laugh, his votes fell aff - and floated down the river.

In the midst of an opinion poll which appears to promise devastation for Labour on June 4th - losing all its councils and half of its councillors in England as well as a big chunk of their MEPs - there's a question about which song people most associate with Gordon Brown. Here's the Gordovision result from Scotland:

Road to Nowhere - 22 points
I'm Still Standing - 19 points
Things can Only Get Bitter - 19 points
Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word - 16 points

The Scottish Euro result on this small sample (unweighted 224, weighted 193) is:

SNP 3 seats 37%
Lab 2 seats 25%
Con 1 seat 23%
Lib Dem 0 seats 8%
Green 0 seats 1%

1 comment:

subrosa said...

A serious point beautifully made with your usual dry wit. Last thing I'm going to read before bed so that's a compliment.