Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Good news for Labour members

It's not often I bring good news to Labour members, but since Christmas is a few days away yet, I thought I'd cheer them up.

An SNP staff member at Westminster, out on the hunt for sustenance complete with camouflage jacket, infra-red scopes and six foot sandwich catching net, overheard a conversation between two Labour MPs. I've removed the earth from this conversation:

"I hear from our lands in the north that the Thane of Cawdor shall never be queen."
"Indeed? That is excellent news and may even save my own unworthy hide."
"Unlikely, chum, I think you're toast, but I'll survive if it's done soon."
"Who's ordered it?"
"The Gordfather, of course."
OK, it's a bit lame, but the essence is there, and Labour members the short and narrow of their support base will be celebrating.
With every silver lining comes a cloud, though, and I can exclusively reveal that, although the fearsome Curran has already been down to Londinium for her anointing - but it was the day before Labour's solemn backing of the Wendible in Stirling.
Looks like the Gordfather is dithering again...


McChatterer said...

Wonder if Curran was the leak a few months back?

Anonymous said...

Jeff said...

Do you think Curran would be the next leader if Wendy imploded once and for all?

I was never very good at Shakespeare but I think that's what you're getting at...

I'd say she'd do an even worse job so it's good news all round really!