Thursday, 1 May 2008

Vote early, vote often

A passing remark, no more, but I happened to notice that Gordon Brown was out for a stroll today to take part in the voting in the elections in London - I take it he voted in the council election, the London Mayoral election and in the London Assembly election.
Did he not vote in North Queensferry in last year's local authority and Scottish General Election?

How many votes does he get and can we all get peripatetic votes so we can join in elections wherever we find them?


McChatterer said...

You're allowed more than one council vote! But not more than one Holyrood or Westminster vote (that would be naughty).

Anonymous said...

Gordon's just seen the new Scottish poll figures that put the SNP at 45%.

David Boothroyd said...

There were no council elections in London. People who have multiple homes are allowed to register in all of them where they are normally resident, and can vote if registered. The largest category are students who register at term-time and home addresses. However, it is illegal to vote twice in the same authority - so if there were simultaneous elections to Fife council and Westminster council, Gordon Brown could vote in both, but in a UK general election he would have to choose whether to vote in Fife or in London.

Calum Cashley said...

Welcome David Boothroyd. Assuming that we have the same David Boothroyd, can I recommned his website as a fount of useless information about election results:

Can't beat useless information in my opinion.