Monday, 5 May 2008

Stands Calman where he did?

Did you ever wonder what happened to Baldrick when the Blackadder series finished? I bet you never thought that Baldrick would become leader of the Labour party.

The latest cunning plan from the mistress of cunning plans, her Wendibleness, would seem to have cut her last cunning plan off at the pass - even the Marx Brothers couldn't come up with this script - unless, of course, I was right all along and the Calman Commission is to be an Independence Commission after all.

Where does that leave Ken "we can't look that way because we're looking this way" Calman and his Big Brother commission? Is he going to have to back down and have it look like he was the one in the wrong for the sake of saving face for Wendy? It would seem that he didn't have a clue about what was going to happen when he took the chalice in his hands.

He may well be a little bemused at present.

That, though, is surely nothing compared with the Scottish Conservatives. While we are used to seeing the Libdems outside the door of office whining like a mongrel caught in the rain, it's seldom that the Conservatives find themselves in a similar position.

In fact, Goldie's troops tend to keep to the well-travelled road, merely observing the battlefields around them. How must they feel now, then, having been tempted onto the field by the promise of seats on a commission to try to hold back Scottish Government policy without debating it in Parliament and the protection of the London Government and now finding themselves up to their necks in glaur? Especially now that the Daily Record is reporting that Wendy Alexander planned this move nine months ago (honest, it's not just knee-jerk guv).

There's a possibility that their involvement in this nonsense could now cost them votes in a Westminster election while the Cameron brigades in the south run riot destroying Labour majorities. That's got to be a thought that will focus the minds of Conservatives across the country - whether they can find a way to extricate themselves from the Wendy disaster is a question which will vex them for a while. Whether they can find ways to put distance between themselves and the meltdown which is Labour before the election is going to be something which will keep Conservative strategists busy for a while.

Meantime, the Nationalists will continue doing what's best for the country.

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ccfc Dundee said...

It is possible for Nichola as Minister of Health to section Wendy? She is behaving rather odd these days