Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A wee shame

There's a wee problem facing Labour in a London constituency by the name of Erith and Thamesmead - ballot box in Labour HQ broken open and postal votes destroyed for one thing, allegations that something is not right about postal votes for another, much moaning many grumbles. Could the real reason for much of the disquiet be that Georgia Gould, daughter of Philip Gould, is running a better selection campaign using all of the advantages she has - including her contacts?

It's an interesting wee insight into how Labour's selection works - the SNP selects by postal OMOV (everyone gets a ballot paper through the post and returns it by post) and I understand that the Greens do the same - but the over-riding impression is of a party in turmoil. I've been a bit of a cad in the past, suggesting that Gordon Brown is Labour's John Major, but that may be a bit harsh, Major arrived in the office almost, it appeared, by accident; Brown has plotted, planned and salivated over his ambition for years. You might have thought that someone who had so long coveted the office would have a long list of things they would like to achieve. It would seem not, and perhaps I was a tad unfair to John Major.

Perhaps Gordon Brown's Labour is more akin to Lloyd George's Liberal Party - the destruction of the core of the party, the splitting apart of the principal players, the aftermath of war, the abandonment of long-standing principles, and a lack of direction. Of course, his predecessor had his own Lloyd George moments ...

What remains to be seen is whether Gordon Brown will lead Labour as Lloyd George led the Liberal party - into oblivion. It may seem a bit far-fetched but - is Gordon Brown Labour's last Prime Minister?

Mind how you go!

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subrosa said...

Good comparison with Lloyd George Calum. Of course you deliberately missed out the fact the Gould is just 22 didn't you? Who would elect a 22 year old MP? Must be nuts.