Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Thank you Darling!

What a couple of days I've had! There I was in the wee shop round the corner (picked up a few wee groceries, including the delectable smoked mackerel pate, lovely it is), just standing at the till whistling a charming little ditty to myself when it reached my turn and the young lady rang up my purchases.
Well, I say purchases, but it never quite got that far, it got as far as her saying "that'll be £11.52 please" and me reaching for my wallet to discover that it wasn't there - I'd left it in my house. Jings, crivvens, how embarrassing! I had to explain that I'd have to nip back and get it and could she just hang onto my stuff for me and I wouldn't be long. Then I turned round and explained to the guy behind me what had happened - that was a big mistake.

The guy behind me turned out to be Alistair Darling - Chancellor of the Parish. He shoved me out the way, paid £23.04 for my messages, seized all my assets and publicly disclaimed me. I've asked him to justify his actions but he just tells me that I'm the author of my own misfortune - funnily enough, I thought he was the author ....
Mind how you go!

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subrosa said...

Nice one Calum, puts it in a nutshell.