Sunday, 29 March 2009

Dunfermline Building Society

Labour now wants to force the Dunfermline under its heel and sell it off and already has a buyer lined up. Lloyds, anyone?


subrosa said...

I can't understand what's going on with the Dunfermline Calum. Different reports in different papers. You may well be right about Lloyds. Brown's got to make up to his pal for selling him a pig in a poke last time.

brownlie said...

No, thank, Calum. Money under the mattress time, I think.

Anonymous said...


So they have a loss of under £30m (which seems to be largely blamed on an IT system). Which has buggered up the cashflow.

They reportedley have 'bad US loans' of about £275m...but have good assets in the region of £3bn - so why are we paying £1.6bn to buy them out and break them up?

Its batchy.

subrosa said...

Funny that the CEO appointed 6 months ago came from the Nationwide isn't it. Am I cynical? You bet.