Sunday, 22 March 2009

More paint, Duggie, more paint

There's a wee daft tale about Alex Salmond being furious about the Commission to Repaint Devolution intending to recommend that London should have control over some things.

Terribly important except -

1 Why would Salmond be furious over the recommendations of this Labour thinktank rather than any other Labour thinktank?

2 Why would anyone be furious now given that this news was out months ago?

3 How come the quotes given by the spokeschappie didn't reflect any fury?

4 Surely everyone knows that Westminster can over-rule Scotland on absolutely anything it wants and, therefore, there is nothing that can be given back to Westminster except our voice.

5 Is the Calman Commission not just a wee bit embarrassing?


subrosa said...

A very expensive embarrassment Calum. I wonder what the libdems are making of all this as it's not going their way. Poor souls and they constantly bragged they were the instigators.

Lallands Peat Worrier said...

From the tenor of their minutes, the atmosphere at the Calman Commission seems to be about as politically informed and competent as a meeting of a Victorian Ladies Missionary Society, mooting blandly events which for the participants have an almost absolute unreality.

Heaven knows where the actual content of any final report will actually emerge from.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Calum!

However, am surprised you actually STILL read (or listen) to such tosh!

Sounds like a typical Hootsmon non-story SNP bash, doesnt it? If so, then nuff said??