Monday, 2 March 2009

Labour MPs trying to outdo each other

From East of the capital comes the cry "hoi, look at this!"

Following on from Anne Begg's example, Anne Moffat has leapt into the breach.

After the Labour Government in London closed the Post Offices in two East Lothian villages as part of the Network Change programme (to save money for the UK Government), Labour councillors demanded that the council took on the cost of running the Post Offices. Costs, remember, which the UK Government felt it couldn't meet.

Having had a look at the costs involved in that the council decided it simply didn't have the resources to pay for that, but that it could afford to subsidise bus services so that these communities could access Post Office services.

Up steps the local MP - who was on the Commons Committee which helped the London Government force through the Network Change programme - to accuse the council of "planning [...] absolute nonsense, a waste of money".

Be careful out there, publicity seekers are everywhere!


Anonymous said...

Anne Moffat has to grasp at straws because she knows her coat's on a very shoogly peg.
Wonder how the L and B Police are getting on with their enquiries into that terrible assault on her, carried out by hoodies who very kindly didn't take her mobile phone so she could phone (not the police, but a friend) and report the incident.

Calum Cashley said...

Ah, now, that would be a matter which is still the subject of a police investigation. Shall we let the constabulary deal with it?