Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Labour or SNP?

Let's have a wee look at Labour's recent achievements:

1. Economic downturn turning into a depression. OK, they got some help from the rest of the world on this one, but the limping and lame state of the UK economy allied to the poor regulation of the banking sector has really stuffed people here - and it will make it much harder for us to recover.

2. Police numbers in England are shrinking while numbers in Scotland are at an all-time record high and well on course for fulfilling the SNP pledge to put 1,000 additional officers into operational duties.

3. PFI/PPP companies are getting a public bail-out while the CBI finally backs the SNP alternative.

4. Gordon Brown thinks he saved the world while even the Americans are moving towards disposing of their nuclear weapons.

5. Brown wants to steal a pension that his Government committed to.

6. Stealing pensions isn't a new trick for Brown, right enough - nor is his contempt for pensioners in poverty - and his chancellor is no better.

7. Student support is being slashed in England where tuition fees and top-up fees have been imposed while students in Scotland have seen the Graduate Endowment tuition fee removed, additional monies ploughed into support, and are now being consulted on another tranche of support. It's a pity that the Treasury (or perhaps the Chancellor for reasons of his own) decided not to allow the Scottish Government to take Student Loans funding into the DEL and turn student loans into grants, but I'm sure that the SNP Scottish Government continues to press for that.

In the meantime, Labour in Scotland just can't get any traction on making sense, one of their rank opining that proper alcohol controls in Scotland would lead to teenagers taking a motorised conveyance southwards to Carlisle to buy alcohol - he's obviously never been to Carlisle, wouldn't they stop at Guard's Mill in any case, and how does he think they're taking a car to England if they can't afford the extra cash in Scotland? He wasn't alone, though, John Lamont thinking that Wooler was an attractive option (someone ought to have a word) and David Mundell wasn't sure about much.

Just to top it all off, it would appear that the US President is treating Gordon Brown's supplication like a visit from a hick cousin.

Aye, well, mind how you go!

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