Sunday, 8 March 2009

Good news for Gordon Brown

Well, not really. Compass commissioned a survey of Labour party members here's some of the results:

1. More than one in every five Labour party members thinks Gordon Brown is doing badly as Prime Minister.

2. Almost a quarter of Labour's membership thinks that Alistair Darling is doing badly as Chancellor.

3. The figures for others aren't good either; Foreign Secretary - one in five, Home Secretary - 39%, Mandelson - 30%, Harman - 32%.

4. 14% of Labour members think that Brown is right-wing and another 5% can't place him on the spectrum. Half as many Labour members think that David Cameron is very left wing as think the same about Gordon Brown - but it's only 1% and 2%.

5. Only 17% of Labour party members think that Labour's policies to tackle the recession are working. 68% hope they'll work in the future, right enough, although 12% think that there's no chance that they'll work.

6. 66% of Labour party members oppose Labour's policy of privatisation of the Post Office and 5% think it doesn't go far enough.

So, if Labour party members don't trust Labour, why should anyone else?

Mind how you go!


reeky chunder said...

thats pretty funny

Vronsky said...

Recasting these numbers:
1: 80% of Labour members think Gordon is doing OK as Prime Minister.
2: 75% of Labour members think Darling is doing a good job as chancellor.

That is absolutely mind-boggling. Turkeys voting for every day to be Christmas.