Monday, 12 April 2010

Campaign launch in Edinburgh North and Leith

The SNP's short campaign (the last three and a half weeks) was launched in Newhaven today with the First Minster, Alex Salmond MSP, rousing our activists from all over Scotland to get out and campaign for victory in seats the length and breadth of the country. Then he came campaigning with us in Stockbridge and the reception he got was as good as the reception we're getting on the doorsteps. I think, though, that it's the first time I've seen people queueing up to meet politicians campaigning.

2007 saw a sea-change in Scottish politics, 2009 confirmed the SNP as Scotland's biggest party, 2010 is going to show that Scotland keeps moving forward.

Mind how you vote!


Lallands Peat Worrier said...

Spotted, Mr Cashley!

Although we've never met (at least to the best of my knowledge, although it is possible we have inadvertently sat juxtaposed in the same Edinburgh pub, once upon a time) I instantly recognised you as the final fellow, full of charming dishevelment, peeping out of this "local champion" themed SNP video on jobs and the economy.

Since I'm a mysterious "tartan pimpernel" of some stripe, tragically, you can't repay the compliment of recognition. Equally tragically, pressures of work bar me from popping north to assist in the campaigning this time around. Although I have indulged in a little digital advocacy for the party in Glasgow Central, my vote is all I'm substantively able to contribute!

Good luck!

Calum Cashley said...

Ah, yes, I used to be shevilled but it sat uneasily. You mean that's not your photograph on your comment? I feel misled!

Rachel said...

Dear Calum - thanks for your call to my husband asking if I could turn out on Monday. Would have LOVED to have been there but started a new job two weeks ago and not able to take the time out so soon in. Am watching your progress and blog with great interest and wish you all the best for the campaign.

Rachel Findlay