Friday, 2 April 2010

Victor Meldrew I presume?

Leith Business Association sent out its regular news update today and one of the pieces of news had me in full Victor Meldrew mode. LBA invited the tram contractor to attend a committee meeting to allow the businesses to better understand the project. You would have thought that this was a reasonable thing to do, wouldn't you? TIE vetoed the request on the grounds that Bilfinger Berger might accidentally breach the confidentiality agreement.

So the businesses which are being badly affected by the fiasco formerly known as the Tram Project are being denied the opportunity to get a bit of knowledge about what's going on. TIE regularly attends LBA meetings but they don't want the contractor to go and 'accidentally breach the confidentiality agreement'. It would appear that having someone tell the truth about the project isn't helpful to TIE's way of thinking. Could it possibly be because the project has run into the sand, hundreds of millions of pounds over budget, years behind schedule, about to be truncated and fast reaching the position where it will have to be cancelled?

TIE still hasn't returned with a date for the briefing on the project that it promised for candidates. I suppose candidates might accidentally tell someone about it.

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the marquies said...

The trams are a fiasco on par with the Scottish Parliament. Can't Labour do anything right?