Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Nukes away

Only one day after I write about nuclear weapons having no place in our world, the US publishes its plans to reduce its nuclear capability. Good to know they're paying attention over there. I like these bits:
  • No development of new warheads
  • Change of attitude to nuclear engagement with a conventional attack no longer leading to nuclear reprisal
  • Presumption against using nuclear weapons against non-nuclear countries
  • Reduction in SDVs
  • ICBMs reduced to carrying single warhead

There are a couple of disappointing points but by and large it's a step in the right direction. Interesting that the US is intending to just refurbish its nuclear weapons rather than build new ones while the UK is still ruminating about replacing Trident.

Ach well...

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PolitePaulo said...

The US - Russia treaty is a good first setp towards a world free of nuclear weapons.

Britain must now do its part by matching the reductions in warhead numbers and abandoning plans to replace Trident.