Monday 26 April 2010

To the barricades!

M'learned friend is squaring up to Auntie (not his auntie, he's scared of her) and is currently engaged in a most interesting legal case. The question to be settled is whether the BBC is in breach of its duty to be politically impartial by screening the leaders' debates in Scotland. It costs a fortune, apparently, and there's a wee appeal out for funds - it's already past the half-way point so dip in your pocket and shell out a shilling for the cause of fairness. I'm told that any amount will be welcome and that the spirit of Voltaire is knocking on the door of the BBC.

In other news, the leaves are back on the line with a secret weapon in tow.

Mind how you broadcast!

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subrosa said...

Yer a bit late aren't ye Calum? Last I heard it was over £45,000 earlier today.