Thursday 18 October 2007

Interesting times

It would seem that we live in interesting times.

There’s a Labour Government playing up to the cameras about an election before having a quick look into the abyss and back-pedalling furiously while nicking Tory policies on tax and inviting Maggie Thatcher back into number 10 while Tony Blair does his best impression of Banquo at Gordon Brown’s feast.There’s a Conservative opposition who looked in absolute disarray a month ago, ready to tear itself apart in the style we have all become accustomed to finding itself rejuvenated by Brown’s hamfistedness and a fine “free sweeties” performance by George Osborne. In the background lurks Michael Ancram harrumphing about a lost legacy – but he’s more Rentaghost than Banquo.

In the Lib Dem corner, meanwhile, the knife has passed to a new generation (with thanks to Charlie Kennedy) as another leader gets done in. Ming Campbell went down late on Monday and Chris Huhne had his leadership website up and running by Wednesday as Guido Fawkes observes, it’s almost as if they were ready before Ming went. Et tu Brute?

The three declared candidates are ‘rising star’ Clegg (how long does he remain a rising star?), Chris Huhne (53), and John Hemming. Clegg and Huhne are both Orange Bookers, looking to take the Lib Dems to the right – surely that ground is fairly crowded with Labour and the Conservatives both hanging wide there?

I think we can rely on John Hemming to provide some fun in this contest though. He says on his blog under ‘Nominations and the Leadership Election’, “The two front runners don't really have any political strategy differences” – John Hemming is annoyed, and this time it’s personal. He does have some pictures of kittens on his blog though, so he has a nice side too.

Another bout of Lib Dem fratricide would appear to be in the offing – roll up and take your seats. May you live in interesting times.

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