Friday 19 October 2007

Lib Dems leadership race

John Hemming has accepted that he can't get enough support from Lib Dem MPs to mount a bid for leader, so that leaves the Lib Dems with a choice between Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne - both on the right wing of the Lib Dems, both Orange Bookers.

No change of direction for the Lib Dems, then, and no attempt to rescue themselves from a drift onto the ground being fought over by the two big London parties. That's a shame for any Lib Dem members who wanted to see their party stand on a clear, distinct and distinctive policy platform - it may not be the coronation of one person, as with Gordon Brown - but there's no real choice between the two main contenders.

There's always that wee hope of rescue, that Charlie Kennedy is playing cute by saying that it is unlikely he will run. Kennedy is perhaps the Lib Dems' best hope of recovery. I'm backing Clegg and Huhne, of course ...

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