Monday 29 October 2007

Shameless theft

Nicked with no shame whatsoever from Douglas Fraser's blog:

Angela Constance, SNP MSP for Livingston, sent her apologies for non-attendance,
explaining she has just given birth to Cyrus. Her message read:
"Like the Scottish Parliament, Cyrus was conceived under Labour rule, and after a period of difficulty, he has been delivered under an SNP government".

And I agree with what he says here (although I'd apply it to all who post such stuff, whatever their political affiliation, and it's only a tiny minority in any party - and there are unsavoury comments from both sides on there):

A colleague came up to me with a mischievous glint in his eye, asking if I had read the comments posted after a sketch I wrote for the paper. He hinted this might be slightly less than complimentary.No, I said. But I have now. You can read them too. See what you think.

What puzzles me is how nationalists seek to persuade people of their cause with cretinous abuse? If you dare to suggest that Alex Salmond is anything short of godlike, it seems you're a traitor to Scotland. If I were in the party leadership, I'd be ashamed at the ugly venom of this small group of insomniacs, unleashed on newspapers websites through the night from behind the cloak of anonymity.

Having read the sketch itself, I found it quite funny. I always did have a strange sense of humour, right enough.

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