Tuesday 23 October 2007

Nuclear weapons again

Maybe it's just me, but I was sure Wendy Alexander refused to have an opinion on stockpiling weapons of mass destruction in Scotland because "that's a matter for MPs in London".

Last night on Newsnicht I'm sure I saw the Valiant Major Joyce, fresh from a fortnight in a roadside ditch by the nick of him, refusing to have an opinion on nuclear weapons - and him a Labour MP.

Brian Taylor - fine BBC journalist with an unfortunate predilection in football teams - looks at the issue from a perspective even more neutral than mine and says
"Equally, it is rather bogus to say that there is absolutely no time whatsoever
to consider Trident, even though it is reserved, for as long as other manifesto
promises remain pending. If that were simplistically true, then ministers would
never do anything at all, for fear of neglecting something else."

I hadn't realised that the Liberal Democrats were opposed to the operation of democracy as well, though, until this was pointed out to me - Nicol Stephen saying "Once again the SNP will spend government time and money squabbling with Westminster, rather than getting on with the job they were elected to do". Ach well - the Free School Meals Pilot has started and the Graduate Endowment Abolition Bill has been published. How's that for just now Nicol?

A wee edit here just to say I should have read Tartan Hero's blog earlier - he makes some decent points about Nicol Stephen's volte-face on Trident

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