Monday, 28 April 2008

And they're off ...

All the members of the commission (oh no it's not, oh yes it is) on the future of the Scottish Parliament have now been announced.

Whoo-hoo! Bring out the bunting!
So let's have a wee peek at the great and the good this weather:

Kenneth Calman, chair, now says he's going to make his commission part of the Scottish Government's National Conversation - it'll consider Independence soon as well. Calman is a medical chap and what doctor dismisses a diagnosis before beginning an examination?

Next up, Rani Dhir, a housing professional who was appointed to the board of Scottish Homes by Donald Dewar in 1998 and got an MBE in 2001. I don't know anything more about her.

Professor David Edward - an interesting choice, he was a Judge in the European Court of Justice. I don't think he's politically aligned, and his record speaks for himself. I think his appointment might actually cause a few problems when his intellect and analytical skills come up against the political drive of some of the other members. His sense of justice and a desire to get the right outcome rather than an expedient one could cause a bit of discomfort.

John Loughton Big Brother winner, wants to be a politician. Described by the Scotland Office as the President of the Scottish Youth Parliament (he's the Chair), he's also involved in a cross-party group.

A constant on the circuit next, Shonaig Macpherson, you may have seen her in such classics as SCDI, National Trust for Scotland, ITI Scotland, and so on.

And where would we be without Murdoch McLennan, heid bummer of the Telegraph Media Group? He must have a great view of Scotland from his office in Victoria, central London. That's him in the purple tie -
Iain McMillan, Director of CBI Scotland.
Mat Smith, Scottish Secretary of Unison.
Mona Siddiqui, Professor of Islamic Studies, University of Glasgow.

Then there's the party makeweights: Murray Elder, Colin Boyd, James Douglas-Hamilton, Jamie Lindsay, Audrey Findlay and Jim Wallace.

Interestingly, five of the six party places are filled by members of the House of Lords - that's a great start for a commission deciding on Scotland's democratic future, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Lord Boyd is a cross bench peer so why is he a Labour appointment on the Commission?

Anonymous said...

So the Commission will consider independence now! That's big of them ... and slightly embarrassing for me as I've been pestering my local MP (David Mundell) on this very issue; complaining that independence won't be considered ... I really must pay more attention to the press!


Anonymous said...

Iain McMillan seems a pretty poisonous piece of work. He seems to think that his opinions are also necessarily those of his employer.

A group of technocrats and former politicians. It's an interesting to see how far Labour and the LibDems have moved away from the Claim of Right, insisting that the Scottish people were sovereign and had a right to self-determination, and the idea of the Convention, aimed at bringing together the representatives of the nation.

Calum Cashley said...

Sorry Alasdair, what I meant was they'll give in soon and will consider Independence rather than they have already accepted that they'll have to consider Independence.

I should have made that clearer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Calum,

I realised that once I'd left my comment and went off and read the article!?

I doubt they will give in and if they do you can be sure any findings in regard to independence will be 'gloomy' at best ...


livi said...

Wow what a load of spin. Considering the Lib Dem nominees have experience between them at Council, Westminster, Holyrood and the Lords. You somehow manage to brand all the political appointees as makewieghts who would have no experience on how to strengthen powers to a Scottish Parliament.

Looking across the whole bunch the party reprentatives while 5 of the six have ended up in the Lords not one of them has solely been there.

Take off the Nat tinted glasses Calum.

Anonymous said...

Total waste of time! what a joke! commissions like this will do Unionists no favours with the people.

At least we managed to get Z-lister John to mention he's there in a personal capacity!

Not in Our Name ;0)

Kieran Collins MSYP