Saturday, 26 April 2008

Labour - obsessed with the SNP

I was directed to Scottish Labour's website today. It's all about the SNP!

They've written the SNP Scottish Government a report card and launched it with a terrible photo-op in Glasgow - you'll see the pictures, no doubt - try not to mock them, the poor dears.

I have in my possession a piece of paper - it's the background note on the report card (thanks Simon).

Rhona Brankin writes:
If Alex Salmond brought his report card on education home to his mother, she wouldn't be amused.
Rhona, Rhona, Rhona - that comma isn't needed - extra lessons for you! I think that if Mrs Salmond were still alive she'd be quite pleased with what the SNP is doing in education:
  • Class sizes are getting smaller

  • 47 new schools already approved, more to come. Labour's target will be exceeded by the SNP - and we're squeezing out PFI / PPP

  • Graduate Endowment abolished

  • Working with councils to provide a nursery teacher in every class, free swimming in council pools, and extra PE

Pauline McNeill bauchles in to say:
The SNP are overpromising and underdelivering on Justice
"The SNP is" rather than "The SNP are", Pauline. Education must hae been awfy under Labour. Unfortunate that Labour released this document the day after the first of one thousand extra police officers passed out of Tulliallan. There has also been, of course:
  • Reform of sentencing

  • Ongoing reform of the courts

  • Improving rape law

  • Taking money from criminals and using it to provide sporting opportunities for children

The erudite Johann Lamont on SNP performance on housing:
The SNP stands charged with stupidity or cynicism
Well, which charge would you like to make madam? Bullets, of course:
  • More central heating units installed in the first year of an SNP Government than in Labour's best year

  • A new era of council housing launched

  • Shared equity programmes being rolled out

  • Additional help for first time buyers being considered after consultation

Mags Curran on health:
There will be long-term consequences in the health of our nation because of SNP decisions taken now.
Quite right Mags, you're quite right - we'll be much healthier as a result of SNP decisions like:
  • Keeping hospitals open

  • Reducing prescription charges en route to abolishing them

  • Building a new hospital - without PFI / PPP
It goes on and on, never footnoted, never any evidence offered, purveying error as fact as deception as truth. One year on and Labour members still haven't worked out why they lost. Neither on the website nor in this paean to inadequacy can anyone find anything about Labour, some idea about where Labour should go in the future (I could offer a suggestion...), or anything that might lead an honest chap to think there was some spark lurking - a dim spark, no doubt, but surely there.

Ach well.

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