Sunday 20 April 2008

Not bad, I think

May 16th will be the first anniversary of the SNP taking power. I think that it's been the best year in government that we've ever had.

Manifesto promises being delivered, prescription charges starting to disappear; the 1,000 extra police officers starting to be trained; class sizes coming down thanks to the concordat; council tax frozen as the first stage of removing it; Graduate Endowment tuition fee abolished; tolls gone from the bridges; RET on ferries; extra investment in Edinburgh Festivals; hospitals saved; National Portrait Gallery getting refurbished; building relationships with Europe; money seized from criminals being used to provide sports opportunities for youngsters; sentencing changing; and so on.

The best bit, though, is the incredible change in the feeling of the nation. There's a can-do attitude and belief in ourselves now. The place just feels better these days.

Scotland is on the march. Certainly the best year the SNP has had in Government.

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