Tuesday 15 April 2008

Good vibrations? Oh no ...

Perusing the Telegraph, as is my wont, I came upon a most interesting opinion piece by one Brian Wilson which you may wish to read at your leisure.

Aye, life's a beach, boy, life's a beach. Now your very best friend and mine, this former Labour MP and former Minister who served in the same Government as Gordon Brown, has recently been cranking up his criticism of a Labour party demonstrating incompetence on an almost artistic scale. He has, however, now applied a large tackety boot to Gordon Brown's most delicate appendages.

If I may haud my beak and quote from Brian Wilson talking about Brown:
It is as if there has been a collective decision taken among those who were not his natural supporters, but were prepared to give him a chance, that their generosity has been abused.

For many [Labour MPs], the problem is that they are being asked to support an agenda that they cannot make head or tail of

The most problematic conundrum is why a Labour government should be penalising some of the lowest-paid wage earners in our society by abolishing the 10p tax band. As with the poll tax in days of yore, this succeeds in offending not only the victims, but also a large body of opinion that does not wish to benefit at their expense.

At some point, therefore, Labour MPs are bound to make a sober assessment of whether or not they can win under Gordon Brown. Their overwhelming instinct and desire will be to suspend disbelief and assure themselves that they can.

So Labour MPs can't work out what their Government is supposed to be about, voters who were prepared to give Brown a chance to prove himself feel betrayed, Labour has abused the very people it promised to defend (you'll have heard about them - the weak and the vulnerable), and Labour MPs don't believe that they can win an election with Brown leading them - the same will apply to Labour MSPs with their leader.

Image shamelessly nicked from the Grauniad, but given that paper's stated values, it won't mind at all.

Brian Wilson compared Gordon Brown to Donald Crowhurst - it's a bad comparison because Crowhurst had a conscience.

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