Thursday 17 April 2008

Now, I don't support Gordon Brown, but ...

I'm not a fan of Gordon Brown, I don't think he's very good and I oppose his Government's policies on a whole range of topics - especially the constitution.

The insult hurled at him by Lord Desai, though, was pretty low. Desai, a former Labour front-bencher in the Lords told the London Evening Standard that
"Gordon Brown was put on earth to remind people how good Tony Blair was"
that his style was
"porridge, or maybe haggis"
Flaming cheek! What have porridge and haggis ever done to hurt Lord Desai? A scurrilous slur on Brown's Scottishness if you ask me! He then told the BBC that Blair was champagne and caviar to Brown's porridge or haggis and
"I am not stabbing him at all, but if it was it would be in the front. I have said something openly, frankly"
It wasn't all bad for el Gordo, though, Desai went on to say that the Labour party was not yet at the stage of having a leadership challenge, but
"When - or if - the time comes, I think it has to be David Miliband because he has shown maturity about the leadership and he withstood the pressure to stand last year against Gordon.”
If Miliband is his answer the question must be horrendous. If that's Desai's analysis of Miliband then his political nose is blocked up and Brown might not be in trouble at all.

Miliband is in the Wendy Alexander league of politicians, and she showed again today that she isn't up to it - at First Minister's Questions she didn't have a question for her final pop. Incredible, I thought.

Take a wee read of Brian Taylor's blog on it or watch it for yourself on the iplayer.

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