Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Broon's bottled it!

Gordon Broon has bottled it again. He's not coming to Glenrothes. You heard it here first and I claim a coconut.

I wonder if he has the same polling figures as I do and reckons he'd rather not face those 67% who blame him for the economic mess and the 42% who think he's been at it on the banks merger issue.

His wife came, though, a very public declaration of coming to campaign for Labour allied to a refusal to speak to the press because "she's a very private person". Oh, yes, that's the kite they tried to fly. Sarah Brown spoke to nine people (exactly nine, hand-picked - Bambi's back!), each of whom had a Labour poster in the window and (I'm guessing here) a Labour party card in their purse/wallet/pocket-book/as a bookmark.

She's getting the photies in the paper, though, are our journalists feart? Will I regret asking? Will any of them ask why she's frightened of them? Does she agree with Tony Blair's assessment of them? Is this an episode of SOAP?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the SNP campaign has stepped up a gear and the people of Glenrothes are moving towards us again. It's there for the taking, friends. Anyone out there with SNP leanings (or even supporters who can stand up straight) - meddle in Methil, be royal in Kinglassie, dance in Cardenden, mark it in Markinch, think up terrible puns for other parts of the constituency. Get on the phones - activate yourself, man; knock on some doors, deliver some letters, make some sandwiches, paint your dog black and gold.

Make the effort, make the difference, make history in Glenrothes.

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McChatterer said...

Serious? He's now no coming? Somebody tell him this is a by-election, no the hokey-cokey!