Thursday 30 October 2008

Norway sets record straight

Following yesterday's atrocious journalism, the Norwegian ambassador Bjarne Lindstrøm has written a reply letter to the Scottish Daily Mail. I've seen it thanks to Michael at The Truth About Scotland, and here is the text:

The article "Salmond Slapped down by Norway Minister" in the Daily Mail on 29 October contained several incorrect and misleading statements attributed to Norway's Foreign Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre.

Firstly, there is no "growing anger in Norway" over comparisons made between Scotland and Norway during the debate in the United Kingdom against the backdrop of the current global financial crisis.

Secondly, no accusations have been made by Mr Støre against Mr Salmond, as alleged in the article. In the interview, the Foreign Minister merely pointed out factual similarities and differences between the challenges presently faced by Scotland and Norway. Inferring from this that Mr Støre is of the view that Mr Salmond has in any way lied or mislead the public, is simply incorrect.

In short, the Norwegian Foreign Minister did not intend to criticise either side in this debate, which is a domestic political discussion. What he strongly emphasised in the interview with the Daily Mail and which, sadly, was simply omitted from the article, was his sincere appreciation of the warm ongoing relationship between Scotland and Norway.

Yours sincerely,
Bjarne Lindstrøm
Ambassador of Norway

I do hope that all of those who rushed to hold up yesterday's Daily Mail in triumph will now be decent enough to apologise to Norway for suggesting that the Norwegian Government would have broken the convention that Governments do not interfere in the domestic politics of other nations.

Indeed, anyone who took the trouble to read the comments attributed to Jonas Gahr Støre would have been surprised that the Daily Mail could come to such conclusions from his quotes.

Mind how you go.


Sandy said...

I expect the Mail to publish a full apology ..........

Yeah right, about as much chance of that as Labour have of winning Glenrothes.

What a bitter and twisted paper the Mail is becoming.

Jeff said...

Great post Calum.

Reading the articles yesterday readers should have known the words were being twisted. This absolutely confirms it.

Angus McLeod must go? Otherwise would that make him less honourable than Russell Brand?

Anonymous said...

Angus McLeod writes for the Times. What a bizarre post.

Calum Cashley said...

I take it you are referring to Jeff's comment. Angus tailed the story in the Times as a follow-up the day after.

In the colloquialism of my youth, he went for efters.