Friday, 13 November 2009

Cheer up

After a result like that, might I recommend a little magic to lift your spirits courtesy of the great Solomon Burke?

Now that's got your pulse going, have a wee laugh:

Here's the spiel that goes with it:
This video was made by Michael Marra & Mick McCluskey to complement the re-release of the brilliant Saint Andrew album, The Word on the Pavey.For more information visit Saint Andrew's Websicht at - The Saint Andrew Websicht is hosted by
Mind how you boogie!

1 comment:

Sean McLeod said...

At least you are not with the Socialist Labour Party.

To go from 4,036 votes in 2005
To 47 votes in 2009 is surely a record in terms of relative decline of the vote?

To get only 1.2% of your vote at the previous election really takes some doing - and does show that their vote in 2005 was at least 95% Labour.