Sunday, 15 November 2009

How did they spend that?

I nearly forgot - all that money that went to TIE - all getting spent on building half a tramline from Gogar to St Andrew's Square, yes? Erm, no ...

Go to the Edinburgh Trams website to see what you're getting for Christmas. Nope, sorry, not the removal of roadworks and barriers on Leith Walk, but a most generous offer to spend some more of our money, this time on Edinburgh Sparkles which it describes as
a UK-wide campaign, designed to promote the city's unique winter offer more effectively than ever before

I'm not sure I can stand the suspense. I do love this bit:
The event which has been made possible with additional funding from Essential Edinburgh and tie Limited will allow people to share the Princes Street space that will be created as the tram works conclude and before buses return to Princes Street at 5 am on Sunday 29 November

They will allow us to use the street we own - I can hardly hold back the glee.

Edinburgh Sparkles? What is there left to say?


Dramfineday said...

Calum, labour poisoned the people of Glasgow NE with th accusation that "Edinburgh" was to blame - now we both know that's a heap of S*** and that it was the usual divide and rule guff. We have more in common with the voters of GNE than the cowards of labour would admit - can you please get stuck into the silence of the lambs (baaa labour in Ediburgh) when our city was being maligned as responsible for the woes of GNE?

subrosa said...

I second Dram's proposal. A good tear into Edinburgh labour would be so much better coming from you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, this is not about trams, but as a Canadian visitor to Scotland, I find the bias against your SNP government in your newspapers quite strange. Are the owners of these papers in the pay of the Labour party?
I would have thought at least something called the Scotsman would support Scotland's aspirations.

Cheers, Calum

Calum Cashley said...

I might take a wee exploration through Labour's terrible calumny over Glasgow's funding.

I have to admit that I also find it strange that there is little media support for independence, I feel I must do more to raise their sights ....