Thursday, 12 November 2009

Radio star

I'll be on the radio later, addressing an audience of millions. Oh yes, Radio 5 at 02.30! Where's my coffee?


subrosa said...

I'll be listening. I usually fall asleep to TalkSport but I'll make an exception tonight.

You should have reminded your readers they could perhaps hear your dulcet tones on iPlayer.

subrosa said...

Well I did listen Calum and you did well - know your stuff don't you?

What is it with labour that they are so ungracious? And the poor libdem lassie sounded as if she really didn't want to be there.

Then the presenter's idea that the labour chap and you ought to meet up for a coffee now and again. He just didn't get it did he? Auch he was trying to bring some excitement to the dead of the night I suppose.

You know, I'm still very unsure about the SNP's EU policy. Maybe once the Lisbon Treaty comes into being on 1 December I'll see some 'benefits'.

Calum Cashley said...

Thanks SR, that's really nice of you. We've got a good team in the SNP and we share information all the time so knowing about what's going on is easy for us candidates. I think young Mr Sarwar wanted to crow a bit and had difficulty keeping it in, but I'll excuse Labour a wee bit because they're staring right down the barrel of oblivion and it must be frightening. They're seeing a reminder right in front of them that political parties can die.

The Lib Dem lassie sounded like she was a bit lost but part of that will be the daftness of the policies she was trying to defend - that idea that we should have a referendum on EU membership floated by a party that doesn't want to change the position just because it's been a wee while since we had a referendum ... Smacks of a desperate attempt to find a position that no-one else has. If UKIP won the General Election then there would be a strong case for a referendum on the EU, but none of the other parties wants out of Europe so anyone else winning shouldn't trigger it. Also bizarre that the LDs would promise a referendum on EU membership but set their faces against a referendum on Scotland's future - it all looks just like political posturing.

I'll see if I've got anything that I can send you on our EU policy - I think we'd benefit from getting right into Europe now, personally, to be at the heart of the thing and helping shape its direction, I want us to join the Euro now, I think it'll be in Scotland's best interests to be part of one of the big currencies which will dominate the next half century - especially given the increasing influence of teh Euro in petrocurrency terms. The big benefit of the EU, though, is surely peace - 64 years since we fought a major European war, and it's come about through peaceful cooperation as much as anything else.

Anyway, I'm drifting here, I'll have a look for some stuff.


subrosa said...

I'd appreciate that Calum. Bit out of date this end.