Thursday 26 November 2009

Glasgow Council temper tantrum

I have been passed an email which was circulated around senior officers of Glasgow City Council yesterday. I've removed the names and other identifiers to protect the officers involved:
From: _________
Sent: 25 November 2009 12:31
To: ______; ______; _______; ________; _______; _____; ____________
Please note that all future communications should now refer to the Scottish Executive and not Scottish Government.
Communications & Support Manager
______ Services
Glasgow City Council
231 George Street
Glasgow G1 1RX
Phone 0141
Phone 077
Fax 0141

I've never seen a council go in a huff before!


Anonymous said...

It was just a matter of time before this occurred from an increasingly childish Labour propaganda machine that is trying to deny that the SNP led Scots Government exists, just as they have quietly succeeded in getting the BBC and STV to stop distinguishing between the "Scottish Government" and the "UK Government" in news items by using the word "Government" only to cover both administrations so as to confuse the public regarding what is a devolved issue and what is not.

Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to go in the huff too and refer to Brown's lot as the English Executive.

However, if that's what they want to do, and they think that is a productive use of their time (that we pay them for) to write and read this trash, then fine.

I hope the next time they are wanting some extra money from the Scottish Government to bail their Games out, that they ask the Executive.... and that the Government, in turn marks the envelope... return to sender, addressee unknown.

Huffy little people.

Andrew said...

When Glasgow Council send their next letter to the "Scottish Executive" asking for another bail-out, it should be returned marked "not known at this address".
He who pays the piper calls the tune.

Andrew said...

tris We think alike

Anonymous said...

Indeed Andrew. It seems the only sensible option... Or perhaps at least a querie, saying "don't you mean the Scottish Governmnet?"

There is no such thing as the Scottish Executive to fork out money... so maybe they will get used to that when they are, again, in desperate need.

subrosa said...

Strange you mention that Calum, I think Jim Murphy said executive in his speech this week. I may be wrong because to be quite honest I can't be bothered checking it out.

Worth a mention on SSS for Saturday though don't you think?

Calum Cashley said...

That would be an honour, SR. I'll see if I can dig out Murphy's ramblings.


Anonymous said...

I heard Murphy use 'Scottish Government' during Questions. Even Obama. They frankly all now do.

Notice the 'Scottish Government' logo used all over the place?

Let's stop writing Glasgow and calling it as 'glas-go' - both are said to be incorrect.

It was written Glasgu and pronounced 'glas-koo'.

Anonymous said...

Letters to whatever semi-literate Labour numptie is currently pretending to run Glasgow should be addressed "Dear Mr Quisling"


Audrey said...

Is it just me or has Labour's spin machine in Scotland been in overdrive recently?

McChatterer said...

It is the Scottish Executive. That was its name in the Scotland Act, and that hasn't been changed. Let's not pretend it has powers it does not.

Alternatively, following the example of Derry/Londonderry, we could call it the 'stroke administration'...