Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Minimum Pricing - who supports that?

You know the Scottish Government supports minimum pricing to tackle Scotland's alcohol abuse and the other parties oppose it? You know how the Lib Dems have been vociferous in their opposition? You know how the Lib Dems face different ways in different areas of the country or different levels of legislature?

Lib Dem MP Willie Rennie is, at this very moment, hosting an event in support of minimum pricing in Westminster, with the BMA in attendance to bolster the case. The Lib Dem - the only animal in all of the known world that can sit on the fence and keep an ear to the ground on either side ...

Also in attendance at the minimum pricing reception (I wonder what drinks they're serving) is one Kenneth Calman...

Mind how you drink!


subrosa said...

Something must have been discussed Calum because Newnicht has just announced labour are not going to support minimum pricing.

They're setting up their own shop and talk which won't report until summer at the earlier.

That's according to the gospel of Gordon Brewer.

Anonymous said...

Just heard on the radio that Labour are going to join the Tories and Lib Dems in opposing the proposal for minimum pricing. Iain Gray has given some pathetic excuse or other for doing so. However it is now abundantly clear that they have a strategy of opposing everything the SNP try to do no matter how good it may be for Scotland, in the hope that the voters will become disenchanted with a SNP government that appears to achieve little or nothing whilst in power.

The SNP government must make a full frontal assault on Labour's negativity exposing their duplicity of putting party politics above what is best for Scotland otherwise the seeds of doubt that Labour are trying to sow will endure.