Saturday 2 February 2008

One Helen Eadie, there's only one Helen Eadie ...

Labour's greatest talent and putative leadership candidate bolted on her oratorical wings on Thursday and took to the very skies of verbal engagement.

I can do no better than offer a sample:
The cabinet secretary talks about removing the 10 per cent tax band for the poorest, but Scotland is seeing the reincarnation of the sheriff of Nottingham in the shape of Alex Salmond. He is taking from the nation's sick, disabled and disadvantaged—people such as my constituent who, under the auspices of Fife's SNP and Liberal Democrat-controlled council, cannot even get a stair rail, or such as those throughout Scotland who are waiting for their central heating to be dealt with. My current case load is obscene.
Also obscene is the policy on charging, whereby elderly people have to pay £7 per trip for their shopping to be done and £1 per week for their community alarms under SNP-controlled Fife Council.
It is obscene that a grandfather has to look after his grandchildren in my constituency when the Government could take the initiative and introduce a kinship carers allowance.
Those are all important issues. The sheriff of Nottingham is taking from the poor to pay for the rich and their council tax.
Eadie for Leader! Join the campaign!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a strange thing for Helen Eadie to say considering recent Labour comments on incapacity benefit.

Westminster desperate to kick sick people off lifesaving benefit while Helen becomes "Champion of the poor sick and disadvantaged" in Scotland ?

I know that smell, it aint sleaze it is just plain old bull this time.