Sunday 24 February 2008

Unintended consequences

I want to tell you a wee story about my office.

I was sitting in my office last week and, just absent-mindedly, I started singing the Loch Tay Boat Song.

From the office next door came a voice saying "hoi, there's a tune to those words, you know."

Shocked and stunned and not a little amazed, I switched to singing Now Westling Winds.

Again that wee voice "at least you knew the words to the other one."

Perfectly curfummelled by now, I fell back on singing Hermless.

No joy "help, help, there's a song being murdered here - I'm calling the police."

Fast as you can imagine, I shot back "I didn't mean it, there was no intentional wrong-doing."

There was a long pause before the voice answered "that's a watertight defence, godmamit."

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