Wednesday 27 February 2008

Out of the darkness ...

Poor Labour - struggling with the weight of failure, casting around for a saviour to ride to the rescue of a once-proud party, and all that appears is Paul Nolan.

With knights in shining armour of that quality, who needs enemas?

On a lighter note, I'm delighted to see that the Scottish Government has played its part, along with the National Galleries of Scotland and the Tate Gallery in securing the d'Offay collection. Mr d'Offay deserves great credit for his generosity, and the Scottish Government deserves credit for making sure the deal went through. The collection is to be shown around the country (part of the conditions), so I'm looking forward to seeing parts of it everywhere - and to having tea at the table:

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Richard Thomson said...

It look d'Offay nice. I must pay a visit.