Thursday 28 February 2008

Wendy Buddha Comes ...

Remember Wendy Alexander saying she applies a Buddhist doctrine to her politics - "is it true, is it necessary, and is it kind".

She called his Eckness some names in chamber today, including Fat Boab (Oor Wullie's rotund pal). I was, of course, horrified. Glad to see a new definition of good, necessary and kind, innit?


Anonymous said...

Just as well Eck had the restraint not to call her Daffy Duck in response eh?

Anonymous said...

You know she would get more credibility if she slung less insults like this.

And then for Labour to claim they are the victims of a campaign of slurs.

Beggars belief really.

Not sure of the wisdom of using Wendys "religion" against her though, it does seem a little unfair.

Didn't think you needed to stoop to that level to find things to ridicule Wendy for, her list of failings gets longer every day.

Calum Cashley said...

She isn't a buddhist, she just said that she applies a buddhist principle to her politics (she said it was a mantra).