Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Disaster for Scotland

Helen Eadie has betrayed her loyal fans!
Just when we were all gearing up for the gruelling campaign ahead, she's gone and went and done it and turned up to support thon Catherine Jamieson.

I'm gutted.

We'll have to cancel the rally - the banner's wasted.
Those T-shirts won't be any use to anybody anymore.
What a pity - I'm sure our support could have done it for her.


Anonymous said...

Einstein Eadie! Fife loves you Helen!

Anonymous said...

Scotland for Some US Dude seems to have raised:

Cue drum roll...


...The Grand Total of $10

(one T-shirt sold?)

Scotland4Eadie could have raised at least 30 quid, I am sure.

Although, as donations need to be from US Citizens, it may well be that the $10 donation is an illegal one.... bit of previous there, I think...