Saturday, 19 July 2008

This is how close the SNP is to winning Glasgow East

How close are we to winning Glasgow East?

5 19 29 at the time of writing.

From the traditional SNP voters to those who used to vote Labour but have now changed allegiance, more and more people every day are pledging their vote to the SNP cause and are determined to vote for a better MP on Thursday

I've discovered that the uncle of an MSP has decided not to vote Labour ever again - he'll be voting SNP this time.

I hear that even Margaret Curran won't be voting for herself in this election ...

There's a rumour that the guy that Labour sent to spy on the SNP campaign last Saturday left with a membership application form.

Brian Donohoe's car is a nationalist, apparently, and couldn't tear itself away from the SNP campaign rooms.

Meanwhile, in other news, Alastair Darling is about to ditch another economic rule and allow borrowing to exceed 40% of GDP. The economy's in trouble, the London Government is about to lose control of its borrowing in the same way that it has encouraged people to borrow more than they could afford in the last decade, loosening the lending markets and contributing to the current difficulties facing all of us. Marvellous, isn't it?

This, too, shall pass.

5 days, 19 hours and 29 minutes - that's how close we are to winning Glasgow East.

Mind how you go!


Stephen Glenn said...

Of course Calum, if I wasn't recognisable by a number of your activists out on the street yesterday, and had been sent to spy on another party's HQ without being a party memebr I would have asked about party memebership as a indicator of 'trust' and left with membership forms as well. Depends what else I would have left with though.

Wisnaeme said...

As a former SNP HQ member and activist, I wish John Mason well in his and the SNP's endeavours to regain respect and accountability in the political process and in governance.

For many years I was deeply involved in opposing PFI/PPP scams.
Indeed on one farcical occasion in 1997, after a dawn raid on my home in England and incarceration under warrant, followed by a "rendition flight" to stand trial in the Highlands accused of the alleged heinous crime of refusing to pay a toll (multiple times) on that Skye Bridge scam.

...and thanks to a series of spectacular legal mishaps, not once was I successful prosecuted.

...and it wasn't for a lack of effort on their part that they failed either, by the way.

I fully support SNP policies and with that in mind, I have donated to the Glasgow East campaign and rejoined the membership of the SNP after a few years in the wilderness. Never the less, during those wilderness years, I was and continue to be actively engaged in causing as much mischief and pain for new labour as the law will allow for.

You'll understand that myself, originally coming from the feifdom of the North Lanarkshire mafiosa, I have more than a little awareness and unpleasant personal experiences of Labour and Labourite cabals and their all pervading influence on communities and their way of life. Thankfully that stranglehold has loosened and in many cases consigned to the dusbin. May Labour, particlarily New Labour rot in perdition for the damage and destruction they have overseen and aquienced to in their mal administration and contept of the public office they held and still cling on to.

Good luck John Mason and God speed.


Anonymous said...

Generations of Currans not voting Curran...........Great eh!!!!!

Calum Cashley said...

It's not often that I can work out who the anonymous commenters are...

Stephen, try a little humour

Tom, there's still a long way to go, and it's easy to understand why many electors are taking time to relearn trust in politicians.