Tuesday 8 July 2008

Repainting Devolution

A friend - one of the voices - has pointed out a strange thing about the Commission to repaint Devolution. I've looked at it and find myself obliged to agree, it's passing strange - many of the appointed painters bear uncanny resemblances to other people -

Colin Boyd looks remarkably like Lord Boyd of Duncansby.
Murray Elder is a dead ringer for Baron Elder of Kirkcaldy.
Jamie Lindsay could easily be mistaken for the Earl of Lindsay.
James Selkirk - well I would have confused him with Baron Selkirk of Douglas.
Jim Wallace I could have sworn was Baron Wallace of Tankerness.
What do these people consider to be so wrong with using the titles they lusted after and sooked out at costs unknown? Is it something to be ashamed of that they sit in a legislature to which none of them were elected or does that just apply when they are in Scotland? See yon birkie ca'ed a lord - bring on the man of independent mind, I say!

Then again -
Rhani Dhir is a Dundonian, so she must be OK.
Professor David Edward is a fine fella and a true intellectual (what he makes of his 'peers' on the repainting commission is beyond me).

You know what would have been a better idea than this commission? A National Conversation on the future of our wonderful country. Why did no-one think of that?

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