Wednesday, 30 July 2008

I think that this Labour councillor is right

Labour Councillor Elizabeth Maginnis has a piece on her blog where she asks a very sensible question:
why are we spending money improving bus routes that nobody wants into the Waterfront (Newhaven Road) when we can't afford much wanted improvements to pedestrian routes?

A fine question - especially if you ask the same about trams:

Why are we spending half a billion pounds (£500,000,000.00) on trams to the Waterfront that nobody wants when there are lots of other spending areas which would use the money far more appropriately?

Well done Councillor Maginnis!


James said...

"nobody wants" is simply untrue. Obviously better bus services and pedestrian facilities need supporting too. Perhaps we could scrap that second road bridge that "nobody wants" to pay for it all?

Anonymous said...

That nobody wants?

“Edinburgh Businesses Vote in Favour of Trams”

“Tram support in consumer survey”

Calum Cashley said...

You're never alone with a tram, eh?

More soon, lots of things about trams still to come.

Jeff said...

I've already had my spanking from James on the trams so I won't wade into it more. I suspect as the NOrth and Leith PPC you'll have plenty to say on it Calum.

Still, I wanted to just comment that half a billion pounds is actually £500,000,000.00.

Maybe we've established how this waste of money got signed off....!

Calum Cashley said...

See, it's those tram supporters, always making off with a portion of my zero display...