Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Nick Clegg to resign in 2009 ...

Pesky Lib Dems - they can't even leave Labour the glory of a leadership campaign without joining in - can't see green cheese.

Nicol Stephen is about to resign as leader of the Lib Dems in Scotland - they're not half going through leaders - Jim Wallace stood down from that post in 2005, Charles Kennedy resigned as leader in 2006, Ming Campbell resigned as leader in 2007, now Nicol Stephen goes in 2008, it's obviously Nick Clegg's turn next year.The Conservatives and the Greens seem steady enough at the moment.

So who's up for the scrap to take over as leader of Scotland's wee party? Is it time for Tavish Scott? Will Mike Rumbles run again? Is Jeremy Purvis' ambition too strong to resist? Does Jamie Stone have enough cheese? Has Margaret Smith got her ducks in a row? Is Alison McInnes the new brush that will sweep clean?

With Glasgow East looking good for an SNP victory, politics in Scotland is a most interesting spectator sport at the moment - Gordon of the Brown could be next to go.


Anonymous said...

Consider this question.

Why would someone resign at 9.15 on a Wednesday evening, completely out of the blue, if it was simply to spend more time with their family? Surely they would advise their close associates and constituency party of their decision and arrange a press call for the following day?

The Libs had no idea Nicol was even contemplating standing down, and they have been thrown into complete disarray.

Factor in that they are now about to select their third different candidate for the Aberdeen South Westminster seat, maybe there's something rotten afoot in the locale?

There's more to this one than meets the eye.

Calum Cashley said...

I'm told that his party knew of his intention to go for a wee while and that they were waiting for the right time to announce but word got out so they had to go snap.

I'm inclined to hold off and wait to see - he seemed genuine in his announcement.

That said, though, I am much interested in your point about Lib Dems in Aberdeen South. When a party has problems they manifest themselves in many ways.