Wednesday, 21 January 2009

David Mundell and his Private Member

Slipping into the spotlight with his own superstylish soft-shoe shuffle, a tiny fanfare on his clarinet and deep bow with flourish comes Shadow Scottish Secretary David Mundell with his Private Members Bill to force English traders to accept Scottish banknotes if they accept English ones. Breathless with excitment he announced
a Scottish fiver or tenner is worth just as much as an English one

He wants "to make it illegal for people in other UK countries to refuse Scottish banknotes"

Perhaps he should have a word with his good chum Struan Stevenson MEP who said last year that the SNP's demands for parity of treatment were "completely ridiculous".

Of course, there's always the point that it's not illegal to refuse a Scottish note in Scotland, that Scottish banknotes, although not legal tender in England (likewise, no currently circulating English notes are legal tender in Scotland - only English notes of less than £5 in value) are still legal currency throughout the UK.

This is going to be an interesting piece of legislation, isn't it?

Mind how you go!

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