Tuesday, 6 January 2009

SNP saved A&E - just as well ...

I note with a wry smile (I like doing things with a wry smile, it worries people) that a Labour MSP has complained that it took his mother-in-law too long to be attended to when she was in Monklands A&E. It's always a regret when someone ends up waiting a long time to be seen and it would be excellent if we could all be seen within minutes of entering hospital.

How much worse would it be, though, if that A&E wasn't there? The irony is that the Labour MSP making the complaint was one of the Labour MSPs who voted to close the A&E at Monklands altogether.

The health board's comment was interesting too:
"At Monklands Hospital we recorded the highest number of emergency medical admissions ever experienced."

So on the busiest day this A&E department has ever had patients had to wait a bit longer, Labour wanted to close the department but still wants to complain about it not seeing the relatives of Labour MSPs quickly on the busiest day it has ever seen, and the SNP did the right thing in saving this department.

Next week Labour MPs will be complaining that their glasses are empty after they've finished their drinks. Sometimes I wish I was making this stuff up.

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BSH said...

What a cheek. As a former resident of Airdrie and Coatbridge I think the Monklands should simply turn away the regions Labours MPs for being complete and utter idiots.