Friday, 23 January 2009

That Summit

The Knife Crime Summit.

I was impressed by the contribution to the debate made by John Muir, he is a man whose obvious grief as the father of a victim of violent crime has led him to campaign for a change in the law. He recognises the collective failure of our society on this. It is the responsibility of the Scottish Government to provide long-term solutions (not just quick fixes) and the responsibility of opposition politicians to look to scrutinise the work of the Government in doing that - and to offer alternative solutions which may work as well or better than the solutions offered by the Government.

Partisan political opposition is important in every debate - including this one - in order to get the issues properly aired and debated. Partisan political point-scoring doesn't do that.

Some politicians could have done with listening to John Muir's comments on Radio Scotland's Morning Extra this morning when he said "political infighting will achieve nothing".

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Anonymous said...

Actually proposing anything constructive about knife crime? Who gives a...? Labour have got far better things to do for their own nests.

"Thanks Suckers"

"Oh Lord! Not again!"