Monday, 19 January 2009

Those 7.5 million training places that don't exist ...

There was a comment posted in response to my last post offering 'evidence' of Iain Gray's 7.5 million. It was an anonymous comment, but that's the way it goes. The ITN story is heavily spun, kinda proving my point really. I wondered where Iain Gray's team did their research...

Perhaps my anonymous friend should have read this year's letter instead of swallowing the spin from November 2007. It's in the public domain, after all.

On page 22 (24 of 66) you'll find the targets for this financial year -
  • 372,000 in sixth form (i.e. still at school),
  • 27,000 in academies (i.e. still at school),
  • 786,000 at college,
  • 223,000 in 16-18 apprenticeships,
  • 75,000 in Entry to Employment (dodgy 'keep the numbers down' nonsense)
A grand total of 1,484,000 (except those numbers actually add up to 1,483,000 but the total given was 1,484,000).

That's the end of the youngsters, but there's also 3.3 million adults noted (things like ABE are included, as is offender learning) and there are 117,000 learners funded by the European Social Fund.

Head on to page 43 and you'll find that 1.5 million young people in all types of training was the milestone they were aiming at and missed. Nip back to page 37 and you'll find that the Government is expecting businesses and individuals to foot 47.5% of the cost (because we're all flush these days), that Labour has been steadily cranking up the costs since 2004, and that the costs to businesses and individuals will reach 50% next year. Investment in training? Aye, right.

So there you go, they've included school pupils, college students, return to study adults, ABE, offender learning, needlepoint, basket-weaving, developmental learning and they've got one and a half million youths and 3.3 million adults. So where's the 7.5 million figure? Well, it's not in the letter, and it's not in the news release.

It did appear in the Times, The Metro, and in London's Evening Standard where it's claimed to be over three years from 2007. The problem, of course, is that it's just not true.

Ach well, mind how you go!

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Order an inquiry, I say.

Two ex-Presiding Officers would fit the ticket.