Wednesday, 3 March 2010

How much money wasted?

How much public money do you think has been wasted by Labour Party members making entirely spurious complaints about the behaviour of members of the Scottish Government?

There was the lunches complaint (there was also a complaint made about this to the Standards Commission which doesn't investigate MSPs) - complaint dismissed; there was the escaped prisoners complaint - complaint dismissed; there was the Scottish Inter Faith Council complaint - complaint dismissed; there was the class sizes complaint - complaint dismissed; even the partisan inquiry into the Balmedie planning process dismissed the complaints.

Now more public money is being wasted on yet another inquiry that will result in the complaint being dismissed - Ofcom is to investigate the STV Homecoming programmes.

How much of our money has Labour (and the Lib Dems just a little) wasted on these complaints whose purpose appears to be nothing more nor less than the gaining of a few newspaper headlines and some scandalised reporting? No wrongdoing (intentional or not) in any one of these cases, just cheap headline-grabbing by politicians who have nothing positive to say. What a scandalous misuse of public money, what a sad way for politicians to end up - snuffling around the regulatory institutions of our public life looking for scandal like an olfactory-impaired boar hunting for truffles.

There should always be proper scrutiny of the actions of Governments, and opposition parties should forever be keening their political tools in the probing and testing of Ministers - that makes for good democracy, for good government, for a good legislature. What is not acceptable is for politicians to abdicate their responsibility for scrutiny and, instead, to attempt an ordure shower. Scotland deserves better from her opposition parties than this dreadfully poor attempt.

They should up their game!


Anonymous said...

I wish that they would stop playing at small town politics and get it into their heads that they are in the parliament of the country; they are the officail opposition to the government... For heaven's sake; they get paid grown up wages, could they start doing a grown up job?

Anonymous said...

I think that the London based Political Parties in Scotland have not quite got their heads around the fact that the SNP actually has managed to become the ruling party and is doing OK.

Their response to the SNP has bordered on the childish of opposing any and everything just because it is what the SNP propose. It is a very poor account of political maturity and a strategy that ill serves the people of Scotland.

I'll Annabel her dues, she seems to be the most pragmatic of the three, perhaps based on the fact that she will never see a Ministerial Mondeo and she has a long way to go with the Scottish people before her party can get near re-establishing itself. In other words she personally or politically has nowt to lose.

The other two miscreant grouping have just chucked the dummy out the pram and the people of Scotland recognise their tactics for what the are, self serving.

As long as the SNP keep ploughing their furrow straight and true more voters will gradually come over. Hard earned votes, if not thrown away by real stupidity, will stay, despite minor hiccups, and make the chance of the minor parties contracting much more likely until.........

Long term strategic determination agin short term childish tactics.

Simple, like most of the Labour Party(North British Sub Section)and their London masters.

Chris said...

Don't forget that complaint up in Aviemore... - that one particularly ticked me: The local Labour MSP has even lobbied in favour of the action that the Scottish Government took - but heck, even that didn't stop the subsequent vexatious complaint!

Conan the Librarian™ said...

"How much public money do you think has been wasted by Labour Party members making entirely spurious complaints about the behaviour of members of the Scottish Government?"

A Lord knows.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, it is STV that Ofcom are investigating, and the Lab/LibDem coalition gave STV over £1.25 million to promote programs when they were in power.