Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Labouring the point

The Scottish Government announced today that it was dumping the proposal to allow local authorities to advertise online instead of in local newspapers. Labour leader Iain Gray said:
"This decision is a victory for democracy and a humiliating climbdown for the SNP. John Swinney's proposals to allow local councils to put public notices online instead of in newspapers were undemocratic and I am glad that they have now been dropped.
"Large numbers of people in Scotland don't have access to the internet and there is a real danger that putting public notices online would have led to important decisions being taken without proper scrutiny."
The proposal was introduced in 2006 by the last bunch who were in power. That'd be Labour then!

Mind how you go.


cynicalHighlander said...

Since people are ditching the printed press daily, I haven't read a print version for years, online woul be far cheaper and reach a wider audience.

Andrew said...

So, our wonderful press which is so good at telling us how to run the country, need a subsidy from tax-payers money in order to survive? Not much of a business model is it?
Heard Pat Watters on radio today attacking the opposition parties on their stance (got stuck into Pauline McNeil).
After his support for the Concordat, smaller classes etc I do wonder when Pat is going to switch to the SNP. He obviously thinks Labour are a bunch of diddies....